Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Finished Short!

ok, so its not really finished yet, its just that Tapan asked me to upload it immediately haha. i still need sfx and figure out a way to make it look like lightning is striking.


Tapan Gandhi said...

love it :D

EdoAvenir said...

hahaha, oh man thats funny. i love his "running away scared" expression haha. I dont really get what happens at the end tho, does he piss on the floor? anyway good stuff, kind of funny though how this short kind of measures how productive you were this summer.

Andrew said...

It's awesome how productive you've been this summer....I wish I could say the same about me. :(

The modelling is really smooth, but I'm not sure exactly what is happening after the picture falls. Did he imagine the picture changing and run away, only to realize that he was just imagining it? Maybe adding music and sfx will help clarify it.