Monday, May 07, 2007

another idea

well actually this was a short film idea but i wanted to clean it up for practice because thats all i'll be doing for the summer


Marcel said...


My name is Marcel and i´m from Brazil. I saw your demo reel on You Tube and have to congratulate you for your great job.

I´m thinking about going to Canada and study at Sheridan College, but i have some doughts about the sheridan program, Could you help me with that?

I will be really apreciated if you could =).

Thank you very much, and congratulations again for the great job.

My personal e-mail:

Andrew said...

Cool! I really like these slick, mafia-type designs.

I like how the characters are black-and-white, but their outlines are coloured...I might steal that idea one day. ;)

Paco said...

Looking cool! Nice character designs!